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As Epifai Yazılım ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi (“Epifai”), we accept as a principle to ensure the confidentiality and security of the information we obtain due to your visit to our website or use of our applications. We are aware that this approach is also our legal obligation. For this reason, this Privacy Policy has been created to inform you by explaining the conditions under which your information is processed or transferred by Epifai and how your information is protected. Within the framework of our approach to taking utmost care in protecting your information and complying with the legislation, we attach great importance to the protection of your information in order to ensure that all our employees show the necessary sensitivity in this regard at the highest level. All services offered to you by Epifai through all kinds of channels will be briefly referred to as "Service".



As part of the Service Provided, Epifai may obtain or transfer information about you, the Service recipient, within the scope of this Privacy Policy. The acquisition or transfer of this information is carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation. This Privacy Policy does not reflect the privacy practices of third parties to whom information is transferred, and Epifai is not responsible for their privacy policies or practices. This Privacy Policy includes applications beyond Epifai's own control, information collected by third party websites and platforms, information collected by third parties through links on the Epifai website, or headlines, campaigns and promotions on third party websites sponsored and/or participated by Epifai. It does not include other advertising or promotions. Epifai is not responsible for the actions taken regarding personal data collected, stored or processed by third parties through its own websites.



Your personal data is collected by automatic and non-automatic means for the purposes specified in the information text presented to you, especially to ensure the continuity of the Services provided by Epifai, and is processed in a limited and measured manner. Your personal data may be transferred to third parties by Epifai in accordance with the legislation. Third parties to whom your personal data may be transferred; our business partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers, customers or authorized public institutions and organizations. Epifai informs you about personal data processing or transfer activities and requests your explicit consent if necessary.

You can access detailed information regarding the processing and transfer of your personal data in the Information Text provided by Epifai through the website you visit or the application you receive service from.



The security measures implemented by Epifai during the processing of your data are as follows:


Network security and application security are ensured.


Security measures are taken within the scope of supply, development and maintenance of information technology systems.


The security of personal data stored in the cloud is ensured.


Access from outside to inside is prevented with a firewall.


Security products are used against attacks that may come via e-mail.


Access logs are kept regularly.


Corporate policies on access, information security, use, storage and destruction have been prepared and implemented.


Confidentiality commitments are made.


Up-to-date anti-virus systems are used.


The signed contracts contain data security provisions.


Personal data security policies and procedures have been determined.


Personal data security issues are reported quickly.


Personal data security is monitored.


The security of environments containing personal data is ensured.


Personal data is reduced as much as possible.


Personal data is backed up and the security of the backed up personal data is ensured.


User account management and authorization control system is implemented and these are also monitored.


Periodic and/or random audits are carried out within the institution.


Current risks and threats have been identified.


Cyber security measures have been taken and their implementation is constantly monitored.


In accordance with the known state of the technology, the highest level of software and hardware security measures are taken.



Tracking technologies such as cookies, pixels, gifs (“Cookies”) are small files placed on your devices such as tablets, phones or computers when you use our websites or applications. Thanks to cookies, the servers of our websites and applications recognize your devices and, for example, remember your language preferences, saved usernames and passwords or the products in your shopping cart, and manage the traffic on the site. Cookies also help us improve our software to offer you a better experience by analyzing the number and audience of visitors to our websites or applications.

To get more detailed information about the cookies used, you can review the Cookie Information Text on the Epifai website and applications you use or visit. You have the opportunity to personalize your preferences regarding cookies by changing the settings of your browser.



Epifai may change the content of this Privacy Policy without prior notice in order to keep its privacy and data protection principles up to date and to comply with the relevant legislation. The changed Privacy Policy will be announced on the Epifai website. You can always access the updated version of the Privacy Policy at If you continue to use Epifai's Services and/or applications after this Privacy Policy has been changed, it will be assumed that you accept the changes. The Privacy Policy provisions amended by Epifai come into force on the date they are published on the website.


You can forward your applications regarding your rights pursuant to Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law to Epifai at the following addresses:


E-Mail Address: If an e-mail address has been previously provided to us and registered in our system, you can send your application petition to


Contact information

Epifai Software and Consultancy Services Inc.



Last Update Date: 02.01.2024

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