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Risk Analytics and Fraud Prevention

  • Risk Analytics: It is a service that aims to evaluate and effectively manage potential risks within the company, especially financial, operational and market risks. These analytical methods provide guidance for predicting future risks and acting more consciously when making decisions.

  • Customer and product-based credit/insurance risk modeling: An approach used to effectively assess credit or insurance risks through customer profiles and product characteristics. This approach predicts risk using techniques such as data analysis and machine learning, using the customer's past behavior, financial situation, and product features.

  • Prediction of cyber security attacks and threats: Using historical data with analytical methods, it allows detecting abnormal activities and predicting future attacks.

  • Warranty Management: It provides effective management of the assurances provided to customers against malfunctions that may occur in a product or service within a certain period of time. Analytical methods are used to predict, track and manage warranty claims, helping to optimize the process. Accurate warranty forecasts allow you to manage and plan costs effectively.

  • Fraud Detection and Prevention: aims to detect and prevent fraud attempts that may occur during the organization's activities. Analytical models detect fraudulent activities by identifying anomalous activities and help the organization take a proactive approach to protect it and its customers.

risk analytics
risk analitiği, suistimal önleme
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